Monday, 9 June 2008

A beautiful lunch with gorgeous people

We went to the Pineapple Hotel to celebrate Mel's birthday on Friday. What a blast we had!! It was fantastic to meet all the Scrap-Pile girls! We laughed lots and the food was fabulous!

Happy Birthday for yesterday, Mel!!!

Here are some of the photos from lunch...

Karen, Justine, Mel, Melanie, Maree, Kristy, Fiona, Tammy, Jaki & Jake

Kristy, Tammy, Jaki, Jake, Donna, Mel, Karen, Justine & Melanie

Tammy and Jaki pondering the gorgeous paper bag album that Deb made for Mel with all our birthday cards. Thanks Deb, I'm sure Mel will treasure it forever!

Tammy & I

Donna and Mel

Karen and Justine (Sorry about the photo, I had to lighten it a lot so we could see your faces)

Kristy & Tammy playing cameras

Melanie with her new glasses

Melanie & Maree

Tammy & Jaki

Thanks everyone for a terrific weekend, I can't wait for next year!!!

Oh, and if you want a copy of any these photos in their original size (for scrapping of course), just PM me your email address and I'll send them on. Can't wait to see everyone else's.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

What a weekend!!

I haven't laughed as much as I did this weekend, in a looooong time. It was just what I needed. Thanks guys! It was lovely to meet you all and get to know you in person! We missed all of those who couldn't make it! Jewls, I have a little surprise coming your way shortly, so watch your snail mailbox!

Here's a few piccies of the weekend... I didn't get many, so let me know if you post some on your blog and I'll go check 'em out!

Melanie, Mel, Justine & me working on our girly-boy page!

and from the other side... Justine struggling with the flowers on her LO... PS... Justine, you have to post your final outcome in the gallery when you've finished it! I want to see all those flowers on there!!

Justine, Jill GG & Mel

Leah, Jill GG & Mel

Melanie, Jill GG & Mel

Maree getting comfortable in between the carseats in the back of Subi! I told you it was a tight squeeze, and I wasn't joking!! I have other photos, Maree, but I don't think they're fit for public viewing. Well, we'll give it a couple of weeks, hey! hehehe...

Overall I had a fantastic weekend, thanks to the girls from Scrap-Pile... and like I said, it's just what I needed! I won't forget all those fun times we had, and it was so lovely to get to know you all!

Leah xoxo

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Anywhere but here

Have you ever had that feeling that you are in the wrong place at the wrong time? Like a time warp, and you're supposed to be somewhere else, anywhere else, but here. I'm feeling kinda like that with work at the moment. I'm blaming mid-life, but I'm sure there's another reason. I just feel like there is something else waiting for me... something else that I'm waiting for... but what it is, it defies me at the moment.

I've designed websites, been a dental assistant, an accounts officer, a project manager, a scrapbooking design team member and now I'm my own boss. I truly love what I do, but I also feel I need a change. Which path do I take, which voice do I listen to... my head, my heart or my wallet?

Working from home definitely has its perks, but it also has its downfalls too. As much as I dearly love our children, I need some 'me' time to chill out and rediscover myself. I think I've forgotten who I am and what I set out to achieve. I think it's time to re-evaluate my goals and my future.

I'd love to teach scrapbooking or photo editing or something along those lines. I really love watching people learn and develop new skills, but finding a way to combine all the things I love, in a flexible environment and that earns enough money to help pay the bills... now that's the hard part!