Saturday, 31 May 2008

New and Fresh

Last night we held the May CC themed, "New and Fresh" at Scrap-pile and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with for all the challenges.

My challenge was to:

Create a layout about something new or fresh in your life using two colours you wouldn't normally use together and incorporate one or more of the following techniques (that you haven't tried before).
Doodling, Paper piercing, Painting, Sanding, Stamping, Sewing/stitching (hand or machine), Hidden journalling/photos, Altering embellishments, Paper folding, Bubble-wrap painting, Paper rolling (Quilling).

You can view the entire thread here.

Here's my example...

and with the tab pulled out...

I also published a little tutorial on how to make your own pockets for hidden journalling or photos just like the one above.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Some new work

I've been trying to get a few of the challenges done this month at Scrap Pile and here's some of the outcomes...

This is for Deb's Purple colour challenge and I have also used the PP from this month's Design Team Kit.

This birthday tag is for Jewls' weekend tag challenge

This is the outcome of Melanie's partner challenge. I had so much fun with this one, as I rarely scrap myself. Thanks for the challenge Melanie!

Here's a simple little card I made for a friend of Erin's. I am really loving those little cupcake stamps! I also added a little flap (which opens under the photo flip).

I also created this door hanger for Erin's room from the Design Team kit this month.

Our little baby is growing up!

We've been trying to toilet train Aiden for a number of weeks now, having some good days and some bad... Today, we finally had a breakthrough... he did his first #2 on the toilet! YAY! We were so excited. The first thing he said after he'd done it, was... "Now I can have the big chocolate Easter Egg" (which we'd promised him). On top of that he's worn undies to bed for the last 2 nights in a row, so we're very proud of our little man.

We went to the Carebears concert today at Garden City. This is Aiden's favourite smiling face at the moment...

Erin loved it too, bopping around. I had trouble keeping her in one place (as usual!)... so I was running around chasing her most of the time.

They both had a great time though and are sleeping well this arvo!

Sunday, 11 May 2008

A lovely day was had by all...

My Mother-in-law & I decided that since the boys were away, we'd shout ourselves to a lovely breakfast at Sizzler with the kids... so off we went at 8am this morning. What we didn't realise, was that every man and their dog had the same idea! We waited in the line patiently for around 3/4 hour, and the kids were surprisingly very well behaved, considering they hadn't eaten anything since waking up about 2 hrs earlier. We had a great time and the kids had a ball, eating ice cream, smarties and jelly beans for breakfast! I think we'll be back for a lunch soon (and hopefully without the line-ups).

Al left for Gympie karting early this morning, and will hopefully be home before the kids go to bed. They really miss him when he's away. We celebrated Mothers' Day yesterday, with a lovely cooked breakfast and take-away Thai for dinner.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Happy 21st Birthday Dana!!

I can hardly believe my little sis is 21! Well, not officially until the 9th, but the big celebration was held on the weekend at our parents' place in Kingaroy! It was 80s theme, and almost everyone was dressed up, which made it heaps of fun!

I made a signature book and matching card for her using mostly Kaiser PP and lots of bling. I love this range.

Here are some pics of us all dressed up...

Al was Maverick from Top Gun & Aiden was Alvin from the Chipmunks...

Dad, Dana & Mum - during the speeches. The cassette tape cake was a hit and matched the fluro invitations!

Dana & her friends - watch that tail Courtney!

Dana & I - thought we'd prove that we didn't look alike at all. Everyone kept coming up to me all night to wish ME a happy 21st!! I was thrilled that I could pass for 21 though! LOL!!

Erin just loved her fluro pink mesh gloves!

Dana hamming it up for the camera with Mum & Dad

Aiden all dressed up as Alvin from the Chipmunks! I still remember Mum had their original record! I used to love listening to it on the old record player!

Firebug Aiden... he just loved sitting around the fire and toasting marshmellows with Daddy & Grandpa!

Alan & Dana... love Al's tracksuit and the rip-off velcro shoes!! Good job Al!

You might remember some of these famous characters from the 80s... my favourite were Alf & Gumby!

Overall, we had a fantastic night and Dana did too, judging by her hangover the next day!

We also managed to fit in a trip to the big Kingaroy show on the Sunday, complete with the traditional Dagwood Dog lunch, while watching the ring events...

and Aiden had his first go on the clowns... and surprise, surprise, he won a little prize. He was so excited...

After such a big weekend, we were happy to curl up on the couch and have a relax!