Thursday, 29 March 2012

Our baby's growing up!

I can't believe our baby is 5! For her party, Erin and her friends were lucky enough to try out the Lots a Scents candle making party kit. I was very impressed with the quality of the supplies in the box. The girls loved mixing in the colours and fragrance themselves.

I would definitely recommend this type of party for a group of girls 5+. It's so much fun, and the girls get to take their creation home too!

The girls mixing the colour and scent into the molten wax

Here's a photo of the finished product. They mixed their own colours too!

Her cute little cupcakes, Martha Stewart Choc Brownie Cupcakes with her famous vanilla bean frosting. Always a hit!

The sweets table - totally inspired from Pinterest.

Strawberry yoghurt in tiny glasses
TimTam truffle pops
Marshmallows on a stick with white choc & freckles
Layered jelly (very cute and yum!)
Fruit sticks (thanks to Dana!)
Martha Stewart brownie cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting (coloured pink)
and of course, what is a party without lollies.