Sunday, 28 September 2008

A big week

What a huge week it's been! Aiden's birthday has just about gone for an entire week. The celebrations started with a day at the farm on Tuesday with his playgroup friends and ended yesterday with a small party at home! Both the kids enjoyed it thoroughly!

I won't bore you with all the details, but here are some pics...

The kids loved riding on the ponies, but do you think I could get a smile out of either of them?????

and they both loved the mice, even though Erin doesn't look impressed in this photo!

blowing out the candles with Lily and Rhyaken

and this photo pretty much sums up the day!

the second (but not last) cake I made. This one was to take into kindy... (you may notice the train theme by now!!)

Pressie time on your birthday morning! You were so excited that your cousins Cordell & Griffin came to visit with Grandy and Gramps! Griffin handmade some gorgeous little paper puppets for you. He's got some talent that boy!

Aiden & Erin on the trike that I picked up from a garage sale about 3 years ago! Dad restored it to it's original glory! Thanks Dad! It looks great, and I love the hand drawn pinstripes and the A on the front. As you can see, the kids are loving it!!

Aiden and the boys helping Gramps put his new digger together!

Where we found Erin when we walked around the corner! No idea how she got up there, as it's quite a way off the ground!

Nap time quickly became bath time after this little incident with the Sudocream!! Why does this always happen when you are busy? Thanks to Al for taking the photos (this is definitely 21st material!) and cleaning the carpet and the walls in Little Miss Trouble's room!!!

The evidence.... handprints and all!

Mind you this all happened about 2 hrs before the party was due to start!!!

The 3rd and final cake!! Phew... no more cakes til next year now! And yes, I made that Thomas train on top out of fondant icing. After making him, Al commented how his wheels were getting square. Well, the lady at the cake shop forgot to tell me there is a special type of icing to make figurines out of.... which doesn't sag like poor Thomas did. But, he did the job perfectly and the kids loved him, so that's all that matters!!!

Blowing out the candles...

Pass the parcel - Aiden & Becca & Zoe...

At the circus... Aiden & Daddy...

And Mummy & Erin...

I took some videos of some of the performances, but still have to work out how to get photos from the videos. Need some time to experiment. All in all, we had a great week of celebrations, but boy, am I glad it's over now! Time to re-focus and possibly get some scrapping time again!!!

Thanks for reading this huge post! I hope you had a laugh or two along the way!


Jewls said...

Wow Leah, you celebrate birthdays in style. All 3 cakes were amazing, & it looks like Aiden thoroughly enjoyed his birthday week.
Erin did a fabulous job with the Sudocream, what a funny sight, not so much your poor carpet though.
You survived it all for another year, LOL.

Melissa said...

OH MY GOD....I am laughing so hard...sorry sweetie....but I know how gluggy and hard SUDOCREAM is...No wonder AL ran for the hills...LMAO.
You did a superb job of all the cakes you made and I know in years to come, Aiden and Erin will look back on it and feel very loved and cherished.It is these moments that they remember and will then do so for their own children.
Hugs DARLIN ,and it must be a huge relief to now be able to get back to normal.Hope you get some quality time to scrap soon.Love to you

Tammy James said...

Hi Leah, I have a sick little boy on my lap who won't let me close the tab with you blog, He loves birthdays ... and two Thomas cakes !! Well I just have no hope. not to mention the Bob and elmo Pj's too! LOL.
The cakes all look great.
TFS. Oh and good luck with that carpet.

Melissa said...

What a great job your Dad did with the trike for Aiden Leah.It looks brand new.Can't believe Erin got up there.She really is a little monkey isn't she?
I have an award on my blog for you Sis....LOVE ME