Thursday, 23 December 2010

A few Christmas goodies

A few of the goodies the kids and I made yesterday.

Yummy fondant filled chocolates, which Al reckons taste like snack (pineapple, strawberry, peppermint & caramel). None of us were fussed on the caramel though. A new version of White Christmas with mini marshmallows and Sugar cookies (from Sandy's recipe), which are so delicious.

Today we have plans to make Bigos (a Polish stew with pork & mushrooms, based on sauerkraut) and ice the cute sugar cookies we made yesterday. The kids are dying to decorate them.


Kate said...

I did Sandy's sugar cookies yesterday too! the chocolates look delicious might have to pop in to sample one! heheh

Leah said...

:) You're most welcome Kate!