Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tooth Pillows

I've had my eye on this cute tooth pillow pattern from mmmcrafts for about 6 months, and since Aiden's first loose tooth was getting wigglier by the day, I thought I'd better hurry up! I ended up making it just in time, and also made one for his little girl friend's birthday as well. I used the basic pattern and dressed them up pretty similar to the examples, so I didn't have too much guess work.

Erin suggested we make the wings out of pink tulle (which turned out awesome), and she also chose the sequin ribbon for the ballet shoes. Lucky we have some left to make one for her soon!

Aren't they adorable!

Thanks to Larissa from mmmcrafts for sharing her awesome pattern for free! Make sure you check out the rest of her cute little sewing patterns in her etsy shop.

And here is toothless Aiden with his tooth officer waiting for the tooth fairy. He was so excited, and even more so because he helped me make this gorgeous little officer.


Larissa said...

So cute! Look at that snaggly smile. Great job on the tooth!

Melissa said...

OMG...Leah, I knew you were talented, but these are just the cutest.I bet Aiden and Erin adore them.How cool to put your tooth in for the tooth fairy.

Tania B said...

oh wow Leah, these are so cute, just a great idea!