Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Our little baby is growing up!

We've been trying to toilet train Aiden for a number of weeks now, having some good days and some bad... Today, we finally had a breakthrough... he did his first #2 on the toilet! YAY! We were so excited. The first thing he said after he'd done it, was... "Now I can have the big chocolate Easter Egg" (which we'd promised him). On top of that he's worn undies to bed for the last 2 nights in a row, so we're very proud of our little man.

We went to the Carebears concert today at Garden City. This is Aiden's favourite smiling face at the moment...

Erin loved it too, bopping around. I had trouble keeping her in one place (as usual!)... so I was running around chasing her most of the time.

They both had a great time though and are sleeping well this arvo!


Melissa said...

Oh ow, I can only imagine how excited Aiden and Erin were to see something like this.I had always wanted to take my boys to see the WIGGLES up here, but they never came back...boohoo.They are too old for it now.Your darling son is going to be a heartbreaker when he gets older.

melanie said...

cute photos leah :) I used to love the carebears when I was little.