Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Look at the sky!

I took these photos at lunch time of our view of the dust coming over from the dust storms. It's put a real eerie yellow tinge on everything, as well as a fine layer of red dust. Lucky I haven't cleaned the house for Aiden's party yet :)

The poor sun trying to shine through all the dust! Looks pretty spooky actually!


Melissa said...

Ooh yucko Leah, that does look bad.Thank goodness you hadn't gotten into the cleaning yet.Hope it doesn't make the pool too yucky either.Hope your hayfever is OK.

Leone said...

Blerk, it's nasty isn't it! I've taken the hayfever stuff too. Hope it goes away soon. I'm actually thinking of getting out my belly dance outift as I feel like I'm back in the Middle East again!

lillipilli lane said...

Yep what a full on storm...I was so glad when it was over. My littly said "Mummy will there be dust puddles too?"! Too cute