Sunday, 24 January 2010

Lazy Days of Summer

It's been a while since I've been around, but I'm back! A busy time over Christmas with work, and lots happening with the family, so all is kind of back to normal around here, except we are one arm down (Al broke his wrist playing soccer on Friday night), and our world is about to be turned upside down again for about 6-8weeks. He's been given 6 weeks off work, but being the male he is, wants to go back on Wednesday! Silly bugger! Although I'll leave the decision making up to him, I'm not too sure how he plans to get to work with his right arm plastered from thumb to elbow! I'm certainly not going to be able to play TAXI for him AND the kids!

The kids are both starting new care arrangements at the end of this week, and they are both a little hesitant, but very excited, in anticipation of the changes. Aiden is really looking forward to starting Kindy (big school) with a gorgeous new friend, and I'm not sure Erin really knows what's going on with her new daycare, but I have no doubt she'll slot into the new centre easily.

Man, they are both growing up though! Just today they were having races across the pool, and although Aiden won most, Erin wasn't far behind (and mostly because she was lifting her head to breath as she goes). It wasn't long ago we had to hold them in the pool ourselves, and now they have their independence, there's no stopping them. It's so lovely to watch them play together, and although they're not always angels, it's days like today that make my heart happy. I really wanted to get some pool snaps today, but I was enjoying the water too much, and Al reckoned he wouldn't be able to use the camera left handed! (pfff, what an excuse!)

Although I did manage to scrap a pic of Aiden in the pool from last November for Karen's Water Fun challenge (part of the Lazy Days of Summer Comp over at Scrap Pile).

I also managed to finish Leanne's Inspiration challenge...

using a photo of Leone and I at the chocolate factory near Mel's place in Malanda! What a fun day that was! I won't forget that trip in a long time.


Jolene Pienaar said...

What, you are bloggin?? holey moley hehe :) Those two layouts came together booooootifully! Awesome stuff! Good luck with your hubby and his wrist!

KarenB said...

Both of these turned out beautifully Leah!! Loving Aiden's LO, fabbo job with all the extra paint effects xx

Leah said...

hehehe... yeah, I'll need it! It's not even been a week and he's already getting under my feet!! ;)

Thanks girls for your lovely comments!