Monday, 25 January 2010

Creations ~ the last few months

Thought I'd better update to include a few creations over my *SLACK BLOGGER* period. See, I really have been busy!! ;)

Loved the Kev Carmody - Cannot Buy My Soul concert. We had the best time!
Aiden and his diggers.It's a pity he's grown out of Thomas, he really did love playing with Jack, Alfie and Max & Monty, and I loved watching him play for hours in the dirt! Typical boy!

The first time we painted her nails. She was so excited!Although there was a near disaster afterwards, the moment wasn't lost.

Aiden at his Playgroup Party. Just hanging around on the swings.

I did this for my big sister in Sweden, who visited in December. I hope it got home safely, sis!

Loved these pics of us girls at the Scrap Pile retreat
in July last year. We had such a ball!

Over and out for now, and I hope to keep up to date a bit more regularly in 2010!


jaki said...

You have been busy Leah!'
Gorgeous pages, they suit each of your kiddies so well :)

I hope Al is doing ok, and that the kids settle into their new daycares.

♥Liz Weber♥ said...

Gorgeous layouts Leah - love how different your style is on each one. Erin looks so pretty in her layout. Aiden is a little cutie!Thanks for the blog visit, lovely to hear from you! Have a great week!

Melissa said...

Hey Darlin , wow you have done good over the past few months , and done some very yummy, warm LO's.I love the one you did of all of us back in gorgeous.Are a lot of them Kaiser papers, cause they are so nice