Sunday, 21 June 2009

A couple of birthdays...

Firsty, a HUGE happy birthday to a sweet friend's little girl, Emily, who turned 1 yesterday. Unfortunately I missed the party, but still got to create this gorgeous card for her :)

I really love using these Prima journalling cards that Mel gave me on cards... the funny thing was I said they weren't my style, well.... I take my words back Mel, but they are now my most favouritist thing in the world (well, apart from stamps!!)

The kids also went to one of their friend Hayley's 4th birthday party on Saturday, and I was so glad Al had to do the rushing around from one to the next! I actually modified the cute little Tilda card in the previous post to make it a "Happy Birthday" card, and the birthday girl absolutely adored it! It sure did stand out amongst all the Barbie cards!

I created this layout this afternoon while the kids were jumping all over me, trying to help in any way possible... Erin even had a go at my twinkling H20s!! OMG she was actually really good too --- at mixing all the colours together!! OMG I nearly screamed.. but she was so quiet and obviously engrossed in her work! I sooooo wish I had my camera on hand so I could show you!! She's such an arty little thing, loves drawing and painting!!

Anyway, here's the end result.

It's for Simonne's last sketch challenge over at Scrap Pile. I decided I needed to document my weight loss journey, and here's my first layout. I was trying to find a smaller (before) photo to put in the gap at the bottom right of the photo that's there, but the only one I could find was of me in my pj's, so might have to stick that on later!!

WAHOOOOO!!! I am getting soooooooooooooooooo excited about heading up to Cairns in a couple of weeks to spend some quality girlie time with my bestest scrappy friends in the world!! Leone & Mel, we're gonna have the bestest time ever!!! How many bottles do you think I'll be able to fit in my bag?????????

Right, well, that's pretty much it from me today... I was hoping to get some cards made after the layout, but after my little helpers efforts, I decided to quit while I was ahead! Maybe sleep time tomorrow?????


Melissa said...

GOSH YOU ARE LOOKING GOOOOOOOD Girlfriend....Aha yeah. And such a great part of you to scrap too.Like your take on Simonne s sketch challenge. So you likey the Prima journalling cards eh??????????
OMG OMG I so can't wait to pick you gals up from the Airport on Tuesday 2 weeks away.Can you believe, only 15 days away....eeeeeeeeekkkkk.Man it is gonna be good

Jewls said...

That card is totally beautiful, Leah. I just love it all.
Va va va voom, you are looking gorgeous. So happy & healthy.
Congratulations on the great weight loss :)

Debra said...

Lovely work Leah...Love the prima stuff...just gorgeous. I suspect you girls wont sleep much that weekend :)
Hey did you see my little surprise i left you on my blog ...two posts back must have missed my message:) Happy day :)

KarenB said...

Hey sweet Leah,

Just letting you know I've tagged you on my blog :)

Loving these creations - and I'm so glad I've seen them irl too.

Thanks again for your RAK xx