Thursday, 6 August 2009

Colouring with distress inks

Check out this gorgeous tutorial on colouring with distress inksl! How easy does that look! Still love my H2Os though! Will be using a mixture of pencils, H2Os and distress inks from now on though! Love the softness of them all!


Debra said...

Not sure if i have the time to introduce yet another element to my paper side of creativity. But you have been doing some gorgeous work. Thanks so much for stopping by Leah...have missed your smile around here. Off to hang yet another load of washing. Slowly pulling my life back to normal after all my visitors and fun...:)x

Melissa said...

Great tutorial Leah and I have been getting a few extra colours to try them as well, so this tutorial will be very helpful..thanks

Jolene Pienaar said...

Hiya Leah, very noice to meet you today :) You have me very interested in Jenny Craig, could you shout me an email sometime so I can ask you some questions ;) -

Can't wait to catch up again at the scrap day ;)

Hope you weren't in TOO much trouble today hehe ;)