Friday, 14 January 2011

The floods

This week has been most difficult to endure. The floods around Queensland and throughout Australia have brought so many horrific scenes to mind.  Etched into our memories forever, much like the floods of '74, this week will be part of our country's history forever. Whether directly affected by the floods, helping or onlooking, I don't think anyone could be prepared for such a tragic start to 2011!

While we are thankful that our little plot of land and belongings were not tossed into the giant bathtub that is the Brisbane River, there are so so many who aren't so lucky and will have to start their lives from scratch.

Sleeplessness has been my friend, as the scenes repeat over and over in my head, from those who have lost everything they own to those who have lost friends and loved ones.

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Leone said...

Oh I can so identify with the not sleeping! It has been all that was on the TV while we were down in Sydney and I eventually had to just turn it off or walk away cause it was so upsetting. We were truly lucky that we were not affected in any way - apart from having no groceries at home and hardly any stocks in the supermarkets. Small price to pay really. And I will never again complain how dirty our pool is after seeing how the mud has infiltrated those poor people's homes and backyards. We all made the decision to go and help in the clean up tomorrow, they seem to be so organised with all that with volunteer centres organised and buses taking you to different places to help. It's the least we can do to help rebuild our city. So proud of the spirit of theses people in such an awful time, how could you not be proud to be a Queenslander!