Monday, 9 March 2009

Backyard Blitz!



What a transformation! It hasn't happened overnight, but it has happened. Ever since we built the cubby for the kids for Christmas I have wanted to make the back garden into a nice play area for the kids. So, we've finally made it happen!!!

What a huge weekend it's been. I have loved every minute of it though!
Saturday we spent all day creating this little oasis in the backyard for the kids (and so Al doesn't have to mow around all the swings etc..!! ). It was my idea, hence my project, and Al didn't want much to do with it (he hates gardening), but he willingly helped shovel tonnes of mulch into the garden all day, while I did about 6 trips to the garden centre for refills. Now that's no small feat, coming from someone who has always been scared to drive anywhere with a trailer on!! So, by the end of the day, I was quite confident at reversing the trailer (after about 10 goes that is!!), hooking the trailer up and taking it off myself, although I did need some help pushing it into the carport! I was quite impressed with my new-found independence.

I even planted a little mini garden with the aggies that Deb gave me ages ago (which had to be dug up when the cubby went in. Thanks Deb!!! The kids love them!

The other side of the garden.

Aiden & Ralph loving the new sandpit!

The kids loved helping too, getting in there with the shovel. Aiden found heaps of witchety grubs in the compost heap, so that kept him amused most of the day. He loved digging and uncovering them all, and we even found a Mummy one, it was massive about 3cm round. Erin loved tipping them all out of Aiden's bucket! (surprise, surprise!).

Anyway, after hours of slaving over the shovel, it was so nice to sit in the garden and play in the sandpit with the kids! Which is exactly what we did yesterday afternoon when it was all finished! As I shoveled the last load of mulch onto the garden, I had such an immense feeling of satisfaction! I felt so empowered, and motivated. I even managed to wash Al's car for him (to try and make up for the lost usb cable)!

Al raced up at Gympie yesterday, and came 5th. Not as good as he has done up there, but he knows what he did wrong at least, so will hopefully be moving up the ranks next race! I was in a teeny, little bit of trouble before he left though, because I had accidentally left a usb cable for his data logger at work (oopsie)... after a quick trip into work today on my day off, I thankfully found it!!! Phew. He got to test out his new racing suit that the kids and I got him for his birthday. Hoping we can get to the next race to check it out! Now he wants me to design new graphics for his kart... he's getting a bit sick of his flower ones!! Just when everyone got to know him as the flower boy too!!! LOL!!

Anyway, that's pretty much it for our weekend. Hoping to get stuck into some scrapping this weekend. And although I did get a card done for a Scrap Pile challenge, I haven't really had a chance to do much real scrapping for ages. Wish me luck!


jaki said...

Oh Leah well done!! It all looks fantastic!!

Melissa said...

Wow, LEAH, You have really achieved a huge amount over the weekend.It is totally amazing what we can achieve when we really put our minds to it isn't it??? Good for you and loving the look on Aidena dn Ralphy's faces in teh sandpit.Precious.Look forward to sitting out the back with you having a drink, watching the kids play.Will be really cool

Tammy James said...

Oh cute card Leah! and your yard ... wowsers! your kids will just LOVE it, good on you chicadee! Nice idea!

Jewls said...

You make a damn fine landscaper Leah. The back yard looks fantastic.
Glad you found the cable, LOL.

Donna said...

Beautiful backyard Leah. xo

Rosemary said...

Looks great Leah - you must be very pleased with yourself. You can come and redesign my backyard anyday!!!!!!