Monday, 2 March 2009

Things to look forward to! YAY!

After 30 years, I've finally worked out what makes me tick! haha.. no comments please!! I've found that having goals and things to look forward to is a part of me, and if I don't have something to look forward to, I either get distracted and don't get anything done, or get very depressed. SO, to make sure neither of these things happen, I'm going to start making plans in advance so I have lots of little things to look forward to!

Needless to say, organising Erin's 2nd birthday party for the end of the month has been heaps of fun! We are going to have a butterfly & bug party and a friend of mine, Julie from Bee Happy Puppets is going to do a puppet show and face painting. Erin just loves Fritzel the Dog and we listen to him quite regularly, while she dances her little heart out!!

Here are Erin's party invitations that have been keeping me busy for the last few nights...

I downloaded the butterfly template from Bugs and Fishes. I did try this one, but after about 3 ripped attempts, I gave up!

I've also made a huge decision to lose 10kgs (the remainder of my baby weight)!! Yep, you heard right, 10kgs!! So I've joined Jenny Craig last week, and today was my first weigh-in, and, wait for it.... I've lost 1.8kgs so far!! Still a long way to go, but I can see myself losing the weight day by day, especially around my shoulders and my hips. I have been really strict with myself though and only eating the things on the menu plan. I'm surprised how easy it's been so far actually, well apart from a few sugar cravings, it's been a breeze. I just have to keep positive and motivated, and I'll be fine. I would like to try and get in a bit of exercise this week though and I'm sure I'll feel much better.

My treat for losing the weight is going to the Scrap-Pile Retreat in the middle of July, so am really looking forward to flying up to the Atherton Tablelands and joining the other girls from the Pile and having a ball! I'm sure Jus & Mel have heaps of fun in store for us all!! YAY!!

We've also been busy turning the back garden into a kids oasis!! Even though it's not quite finished yet, the kids are loving it so far! Especially their new sandpit! Check out Erin on the tractor!!

This before pic of the yard - before the cubby & the swings.

and here's a nearly finished pic... note Ralph looking quite at home there in front of the cubby :)

The brown strip is going to be the garden's edge and all the kids play things are in the garden now (so Al doesn't have to mow around them!) We still have to put the weed-matting down and buy the softfall mulch to go under the swings and then the rest will just be filled in with regular mulch.

After pic coming soon...

On another note, I'm feeling like my creative juices are running at an all-time low at the moment, either that or they're all being used up at work. I guess that's okay, but I'd love a chance to scrap again soon. I have so many things piling up on my scrapping 'to do' list! Argh!!! So watch this space :)

I'm going to try and update my blog at least weekly from now on to avoid mammoth posts (like this one) in the future!!

Have a lovely week everyone!


Jewls said...

We are very alike Leah. I love planning & organising too, it does help keep the focus & I feel like I achieve more.
Erin's invites look sensational, you are so clever.
The back garden looks like a kids fantasy land. They are going to have years of fun playing there.
Good luck with your weight loss, I'm treading that path too ATM.
Have a great week :)

Melissa said...

Hi gorgeous, you know I am only a phone call away hey Sis???!!!!
Anyways, how AWESOME is your first week...1.8kgs.WOOOOOHOOOOO.Absolutely fantastic, and I bet you walked out with the biggest cheesiest grin on your beautiful face.So pleased for you.Annnnd can't wait to see you real soon and get to spend more time with you in July.Will be a blast for sure.
It certainly does help to have a plan , whether it be short or long term.I know that my weekends just fly if I let them, and get nothing done.