Wednesday, 25 March 2009

How's this for meeting in the middle?

Okay, so I took all your comments on board. Mel, I've made the square on the left side smaller. Donna, I've added the colourful graphic back in (on the left), cause I loved it too :) and I've also made the silhouette lighter as per your suggestion. Jaki, I think you'll love it now, since it's a bit of both! LOL!!! Well I think it looks much better for all your suggestions, so I just want to send you all a little something in the mail for helping me make my blog prettier!! YAY!!! I have your addresses Mel & Jaki, Donna would you mind PMing me yours. I'm not sure I have it?


jaki said...

YEP!! Love it :) Clever girl!

Melissa said...

Lol, ya dag.It looks good no matter what you do with it.You inspired me to give mine a face lift too Sis.Just needed a change.Still not happy with the header picture, but looked and looked and only found the one I have

Donna said...

I was like Mel, all inspired to make mine more "me", I changed it to pretty pinks & browns, then decided that was too sombre, after our little dog got a second chance at life I decided my blog neede to look more "alive"...come see...xoxoxo