Wednesday, 25 March 2009

More changes...

Yep, I've been playing again! Thanks for all your feedback on my previous design, however I feel it just wasn't me!

So, I went the complete opposite and created 2 minimalistic designs - with a lot less fuss and a hint of bright and fresh. Much more me :)

I'd love to hear which of the new designs you prefer or if you like the old one. You can vote over here -->

Version 1 - as currently displayed

Version 2


Melissa said...

Hmm I like the top one with the darker header, but not when you scroll down and it leaves the coloured box off to the left.But that is me.

Donna said...

Wow Leah, what a contrast!!!!! I voted for number 2, because I love how the blog header volours look on the white background...but...I love the green & blue swirly box, maybe combine the 2, I like the lighter silhouette too, and I really lobve teh picture of you over the open web page, cool!!! I can't even make a signature, so I am impressed by anything you do!!!

jaki said...

I can't decide, I like them both :)
Not much help hey! lol!!

jaki said...

I've just come back for a second look, does it take much work to change it to the second version so we can have a look at it full size?

I do love the changes you have made, very modern but classy at the same time :)

Leah said...

Not really Jaki. I am going to try a combo of both, based on all your comments and see how it turns out :)