Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Photos are up!!!

You can check them ALL out HERE! And I mean ALL!
Just let me remind you, that it was upon your request that I should publish them all!!!!

Here's a selection of the bloopers. Sorry girls, I couldn't resist!

Sorry Linda, I just couldn't bring myself to delete this photo. Every time I look at this photo it brings a tear to my eye ( a pee'ing myself tear!!) :)

And this one, well, how can I explain this??? I guess we should've stuck with the purple wall for the backgrounds, hey girls!

Mel & Kristy being silly

and some of the goodies.... Karen & Leone

Mel, Fiona & Jaki

Mel & Leone

Mel & Linda

Kristy & I

Helen & Mel

Mel & Shan

Linda & Leone

Can't wait for next year now!!!!!

If you want any prints of the ones that are in the gallery, but not on here in full size, please PM or email me your details and I'll forward them to you on email or on CD.


Melissa said...

OMG YEP...Peeing myself laughing.Oh boy , but didn't it bring back some great memories though..So much fun was had.Even though we looked at these late Saturday night, they look amazing larger.Thanks so much for being the resident Photographer, they are all so gorgeous...especially the OUTTAKES...LMAO Linda and Leone, and Kristy with her leg in the air!!!!!
We all look pretty spesh, even with the purple background.I would love a copy of these Leah on CD if that is OK and you can bring them up with you in July...it isn't that far away..Love Me

KarenB said...

These are fabulous Leah and they really capture how much fun was had on Saturday. TFS :) I've swiped one for my blog xx

Leah said...

You're most welcome to Karen!

helenj said...

Great work Leah!!!!!
Great day hey?
some of those picks are classics!!!!!!!!!!!

Ceci said...

Looks like you all spent most of the time laughing! There are a few people I don't recognise in the photos...and a mystery has been solved for me, I have now realised Helenj is the not the same Helen I met at a retreat...always wondered why she seemed different lol. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun!!! It was such a good afternoon wasn't it. Thank you so much Leah for putting them all up for us. I'll definitely get you to send me some.Be back later:-)

Leah said...

Wasn't it ever!!
No problem at all, Linda. I can mail you a CD of them all if you like? Just send me your address.

ros said...

You all look like u had a blast. Although I don't talk on the forums anymore I do still catch up on them and its nice to put some faces to the names