Sunday, 26 April 2009

What a HOOT!

What a fantastic afternoon/evening we had yesterday with the Scrap Pile girls! It was so lovely to meet you all in person and have the pleasure of scrapping with you for 9 whole hours, give or take a few of chatting & eating!! Thanks everyone who bought the yummy nibblies too! Mmmm... gave way to my diet for the evening, but well worth it!!

Mel & Helen left early this morning, headed for Cairns. Hope you had a great trip home, girls. I bet you are both resting up big time, after your weekend in the big smoke!! We're gonna miss you girls!

Linda, this little teaser of pics is for you! Now, these are the ones you are behaving in, do you still want me to post the others????

Still trying to work out how I'm going to post the rest without crashing blogger.... but they are coming very soon!!!


Anonymous said...

Hee make it sound like I was norty last night or something LOL. It will be great to scrap this happy afternoon...thanks Leah.
Load away - I don't care...can you put them in the SP gallery instead????...if you're worried.

Leone said...

Load them! Crash it! Who cares. We had fun didn't we? Not sure about the look on Mel's face in the 2nd pic!

Melissa said...

OMG WHAT is with the look on my face..must have been concentwating too hard on that photo of Erin..LOL

Can't wait to have some copies and scrap them ...especially the ones Al took hey Leah

jaki said...

wow! how perfectly spaced are we all in that group photo!!
Obviously a group of scrappers to get such great balance in a photo ;)

Thanks for being photographer for the day Leah!! :)

Donna said...

Oh you look like you all had such fun!!!
Mel's hair has grown heaps, she has it in a gorgeous layered style, so pretty!!

KarenB said...

Great pics Leah! It was mega-fun :)

Merriyank said...

OMG I am so going to spend some time having a look through all the other pics. You guys look like you had such a great time. It brings back so many memories of last year's little jaunt to Brissy. Glad you all had such fun.