Friday, 8 August 2008


What a blast we had today at the EKKA! WOW! I discovered many things I had to deal with from my past!! LOL! I think I am permanently scarred that we never went as kids. The first time I went was with DH before we were married. And even though we had a great time, it was nothing like today! Man, did we have some fun! I was like a little kid going to the show for the first time... we did the whole deal... animals, showbags, sideshow alley, fairyfloss. I think the only thing we missed out on was the fireworks, which I'm kinda glad we missed, as the kids (and both of us) were tiring quickly by the end of the day!

We couldn't have asked for a better day, the weather was warm, the sky was clear, the kids were absolutely angels the entire day! They even sat relatively still on the hour-long train trip, both ways!

Oh, and it was also my second train trip EVER, so I was pretty excited about that, as you can see from these photos... Al was a little embarassed that I was taking photos of a 'train'! He also pointed out that I probably blinded the driver with this photo.... OOPS! I told him it's not like he has to watch where he's going or anything!!

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention that I spoiled myself and bought a new camera for the occasion. I was getting sick of lugging around my S5 everywhere, so I bought a smaller Canon (Ixus 80is) for those 'point and shoot' type events, where size is everything! Still an 8MP though, and I'm pretty happy with the results, considering it won't be replacing my much loved S5! The only thing I would complain about if I was going to, is the flash, but really, you couldn't really expect to have such a small lightweight camera with a HUGE flash, now, could you? An okay trade off, I guess. I'll have to have another photo shoot around here just to test out its true potential before I decide on its fate. (Note, I haven't had time to edit these photos yet, so they are pretty much how they were taken.) Some of them turned out quite dark, especially the inside ones that required a flash.

Anyway, that aside, the kids both loved the animals and Erin got to use her new word lots today... FISH... or phssss... as it turns out!! LOL!

Aiden loved the donkeys, ducks, geese, birds, Llama, but most of all the cows & horses kept his interest. Everywhere we went, he'd ask if he could see the cows & horses!

Erin was fascinated by the phhhhsh (fish) and was a little scared of the goats and sheep, but she enjoyed patting the chickens and smaller animals that were more her size!

Some more happy snaps...

The kids enjoying a train ride...

Aiden loved the motorbikes... I think he's going to be like his Daddy! Into fast and expensive toys!

A much needed rest... for all of us! The kids only had about an hour's sleep in the pram, but it got them through the day!

When the kids woke up we went to get a couple of showbags and then for the tradition of Al's family of the strawberry ice-cream cone with cream and strawberries on top, which the kids just loved! Okay, so did we! Yummo!

And the show just wouldn't be the show without the ferris wheel! And I would have loved a ride on it, we took one look at the price and walked away! I did enjoy watching it while we were waiting for the train though!

We all had a fantastic day and we're definitely going to sleep well tonight!!


jaki said...

Looks like a fantastic day glad you enjoyed it as much as the kids :)

Melissa said...

Oh wow, the boys were looking at all your pictures and asking me where it was.I told them and they both said how they would love to go there one day.Looks like you all had a BLAST that day.