Saturday, 3 January 2009

All the hard work has paid off!

Al worked hard to get the cubby finished yesterday, and to see the kids playing in it happily today made it all worthwhile. Just the staining to finish off now, but the kids don't mind. We've moved their little stove and sink over as well as a table and chairs, and they had so much fun cooking us some lunch today :)

Al also moved the train track upstairs to the wooden floor, as it kept falling apart on the carpet. The kids both seem to enjoy playing trains now, so I might actually be able to snatch some scrapping time while they're occupied!

I made some pizza scrolls for lunch today, and although Aiden was too tired to eat lunch, Erin devoured about 3 of them! Al didn't mind them either. They're a recipe that my friend gave me. Very delicious and easy to make too! Thanks Kylie!

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Melissa said...

Awww Leah, how cute is that they have all their little bits and pieces in there playing.It must put gigantic smiles on Al's and Your face after all the hard work.They look so very happy and at home.
BTW, I love the look of those yummy Pizza thingys...Mmmm can you share the recipe at all??
I know you don't even want to think it, but best of luck back at work tomorrow.Great news about your bonus coming in too...I am pleased for you.