Sunday, 25 January 2009

Biff & Chay's Wedding

Isn't Chay's dress just amazing!!!!!!!!! I luuuuuurved it, and the bridesmaids looks stunning in shorter white dresses! Absolutely stunning!

Wow is all I can say!!! We had the most fantastic time celebrating my cuz Biff & Chay's wedding at Mooloolaba! The setting was like a scene from a fairytale. The gorgeous Chay was led through the enchanted woods on her father's arm with little fairy's and princesses leading the way. Just gorgeous. The groom looked very dappar in his grey suit (complete with slip-ons!!). How cool!

We had an absolute hoot the entire time!

The cocktail reception was in a beautiful restaurant - 4th floor on the Esplanade at Mooloolaba, and luckily only a short walk from our unit... as my feet couldn't handle any more walking in those high heels... Dana had the right idea and changed to flats after the ceremony. (Note to self for next wedding, follow little sisters advice!!)
We enjoyed some quality conversation (and drinks) with my little sis Dana and her other half, Alan before she heads o/s for a year, next week! We'll miss ya sis!

Chay is such a gorgeous person, and it really shone through in her speech!! Even though we had only met once before the wedding, Biff couldn't have found a more special person to spend the rest of his life with. Thanks for the laughs and giggles with the speeches and photos!!! The whole day was really gorgeous and will live on in my memory as one of the best weddings we've ever been to! Thanks for inviting us to share your special day with you!

Mind you, we missed our little munchies back at home, who were enjoying spending some quality time with Grandma! Thanks heaps Jenny for doing such an awesome job at babysitting the munchkins!


Melissa said...

They look so very happy and in love, and so do you and Al, Leah.LOL about listening to your little sis Advice.Glad you had a blast of a weekend together without the little munchkins.It always makes us appreciate them more, when we leave them for awhile.I bet they had a blast too, getting spoilt rotten

Jewls said...
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Jewls said...

Such a stunning wedding Leah. The dresses are all gorgeous.
You look so beautiful & happy inthe photos. Glad you had a great time :)
Sorry about the deleted post. something weird happened, LOL.

jaki said...

Oh Leah, what a gorgeous wedding!!
Almost makes me want to do mine all over!!
Love the photo of you and Al too!