Friday, 2 January 2009

Busy December

Last year we decided to spend every second Christmas at home so the kids can have a taste of both my family's traditional European Christmas and also of our Aussie Christmas anticipating Santa's arrival the night before. Up until this year, I had never actually experienced a proper Australian Christmas myself. Although I dearly missed being a part of my parents traditional Christmas Eve celebrations, it was actually nice not to have the stress of driving on Christmas Day.

We did get to Kingaroy on Boxing Day though, and had a nice relaxing time with all the family then, so all wasn't lost! Dana set up a round robbin tennis tournament, so that was a bit of fun, and then Dad, Dana, Al & I went for a pushie ride around the block to work off that Christmas Turkey!!

We celebrated Christmas Dinner with Al's family, and the kids had a great time tearing around the paddock.

We also had the Daycare Christmas Concert mid December. The kids loved showing us all their artwork and both loved performing, especially Aiden, who was a little stage shy last year, so that was really great to see!

The kids had a great time at the park in West End at our Playgroup Christmas break-up too! It was nice and relaxing and we actually got some really nice pics of us together as a family (although a little late for our Christmas card).

We also took the kids to see the Wiggles a couple of weeks back, which the kids really enjoyed. It was so much fun watching their little faces light up when they saw the Wiggles. We were lucky to get Hot Potato seats, so got some great photos and videos... shhhh....

We decided to brave Al's work Christmas party at Wet & Wild this year for the kids, and we all had such a great day. Even though we didn't get to go on many rides, it was worth it for the kids. They loved being in the water all day, and they even got to meet Santa!

Now that I've written it all down, I realise how busy December actually was this year! It did all end with a nice relaxing Christmas though! Phew!


jaki said...

Oh Leah, what a fantastic lot of photos you have for were busy weren't you!!!

Love the photo of you and dd, it is gorgeous :)

Rosemary said...

Happy New Year Leah and your gorgeous family - such a heap of happy photos to scrap in 2009.
Hope you have a scrappy, happy and healthy 2009.