Monday, 19 January 2009

Mum's 60th Party + Kingaroy weekend

We had a lovely weekend in Kingaroy to celebrate Mum's 60th & Dad's 58th birthdays. The location at The Carollee's Beer Garden was just gorgeous and Mum had a great night with her friends and family. I had fun catching up with people we hadn't seen for some time too. A great night all in all.

I also attempted my first chocolate mud cake (recipe from Exclusively Food). It turned out divine and lots of people commented how nice it looked & tasted. YAY!! I will definitely be making that recipe again. Dana and I decorated it on Saturday afternoon and the roses really set it off!

Gramps took the kids for a ride on one of his many motorbikes, and they just loved it.

Aiden's been asking for a motorbike of his own for a while now! :) Daddy keeps telling him he has to first learn to ride a pushbike for balance, then a go kart for getting the hang of starting and stopping and then he can get a motorbike. Sounds like a long road ahead for a 3-year old!! LOL!

Al got to do a bit of dirt bike riding with my brother too, so he was happy as a pig in mud (so to speak!)

The kids really love going to Kingaroy and running wild with my brother's kids and spending time with Mum & Dad.

Oh, and here's Erin's new "cheesey" grin for the camera!! Gotta love it, hey!!

And here's the end result of our big weekend - Dana & Erin sleeping soundly on the lounge.


Melissa said...

Aww poor little Aiden having to wait sooo long, you never know he could be a famous motorcross rider one day Leah.He looks too cute in his helmet though.
Al looks very professional in his bike wear.Funny how they ahve to do that hey??Alan is the same too when he goes riding.
That cake looks absolutely scrumptious and I want to know how you did the Choc sides to make walls....awesome girl, and the roses do finish it off perfectly.
Love the last photo of your Sis and Erin...too cute.Gotta scrap that one when you get the time.
Looking pretty swish in your new black dress too...hugs

Leone said...

Yuummmmyyy! That cake looks divine! yes, I'd like to know how you did the choccie sides as well. Pretty please?

And I love the shot of the kids on the back of the bike with Gramps, look at little Aiden hanging on so tight! I laughed at the one with the helmet - we used to call our kids "helmets with legs", they look so tiny with that huge helmet.

Leah said...

Well, it's really very easy actually. You just melt choc melts and spread onto a sheet of glad bake to the height and width you require (+ a little more), put it in the fridge, then when nearly set, you cut them to size, then put them back into the fridge to harden... whalla! There you have it. Pretty easy, huh! Even I could do it!

Anonymous said...

Wow the cake looks great....loooove Mud Cake:)Glad it was a great weekend Leah.

Debra said...

Thanks for the inspiration Leah ..i too made the cake for Bea's birthday yesterday...did not look as pro. as yours though...i used a fluted cake tin, was pretty and rich..i need to send some over to the neighbours though...too much for us..finally getting back to some scrapping..just ain't enough hours in the day. When i fist saw the last pic i was sure it was you..:) the one of your sis...very alike ....stay well sweetie :)x