Tuesday, 6 January 2009


It was supposed to be a lovely morning out at the Madagascar show with playgroup this morning and instead I think I had the worst parenting experience --- I lost Aiden in the huge crowd of people there! I know they say you shouldn't panic in situations like that, but I swear I was near hyperventilating! One moment he was there, the next he wasn't. It all happened in the blink of an eye!
So I dumped Erin with Kylie and ran around madly in search of my lost little boy. OMG it was just terrible. Thankfully, a couple of minutes later (after scouring the entire crowd), I spotted one of the lovely ladies from Garden City carrying him. Tears pouring down his chubby little cheeks. I can't explain the relief I felt seeing him. I thought I'd lost him forever! Phew... what an experience. Needless to say, he didn't wander very far from my side for the rest of the show, which by the way was fantastic!!
Thanks Kylie for helping with Erin and for calming me down!! LOL! I sure did need it!

Some photos of the show... the kids loved it!


jaki said...

OH Leah! too scary!!
Glad you found him relatively quickly...and glad you where there with friends not on your own!

The show looks good, might have to take my two up there to see it, we saw the movie Friday and they loved it :)

Melissa said...

Oh Sweetie, I wish I had been there for you.I know that horrid feeling.Happened to me when William was younger in Cairns Stockland.The fear that sticks in your throat and all the horrible thoughts that go through your head in those few minutes. Sending you the hugest squishiest hugs today.Wish I could give them IRL though.
So glad you found him , and I reckon he will stick to you like glue from now on.Love to you Sis, xx Mel

Melanie Baldry said...

OH that's awful leah, hugs.